Blue Gown, Diwali Special #Post-Diwali Update

 I absolutely love Diwali not because it is a festival of lights, but it is also celebrated with full joy and happiness. I wanted to bring this Diwali with this beautiful dress designed by me 😉

I really like The Royal Blue color so I designed this gown, especially for this Diwali. A full-length plain gown in royal blue color seems beautiful. It has a round neck from the front and a deep V-shape neck from the back. Its back neck is the main attraction of this gown, it makes this gown look more beautiful. The lower part of this gown has cut on a bias (Umbrella cut). Three inches same color belt joints both upper and lower parts from the waist. The most important thing in this gown is, it doesn’t show any stitches except waist belt and shoulder parts.

I'm wearing a black metal long earrings and a copper metal with white pearl bracelet with this gown.

Guys, if you like my new design, please give me your opinion in the comment box below.



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