DHC Cleansing Oil and Acne control Face Wash #Review

 Hey Guys,
This is my first review post and I am posting this because I’m using this.
I am using DHC from last month. I had bad pimples before last month, and it was continued one by one. Then I started using these DHC products, and I really can say I’m fully satisfied with using this.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

A must-have product for every makeup lover. This is a kind of oil, which gives a foam after getting in touch with water. This is the first cleansing oil I’m loving like this. I’m now addicted to this product. I generally don’t wear make-up apart from parties, but I use eyeliner and mascara and sometimes a CC cream. This cleansing oil, cleans all the makeup from my face in just one wash also it doesn’t feel oily, it feels like a cleanser.
Sometimes we have pimples because our cleanser leaves the makeup traces behind the wash (I too had pimples for the same reasons).  This product cleans your skin from deep and rinses the dirt completely.

How to use

Just wash and completely dry your hands,  take 5-6 drops of this DHC Cleansing oil on your hand, now rub your both hands together, apply on your face and massage 2-3 minutes and wash with the fresh water.

DHC Acne Control Foaming Face Wash

This acne control face wash actually controls the acne and pimples on my face. I have noticed that I’m not having any pimples since I’m using this product. It makes a very soft foam and moist my skin after wash. It doesn’t give any dryness, it makes my skin very smooth and soft. It is medicated so there is no side effect of using this product.

How to use

Take in a very less quantity in your hands, add some water, make a foam with slightly rubbing your both hands together, now apply the foam on your face, let the only foam touch your face, then wash your face and apply your moisturizer.
How did you find my review? Give your reply to the comment section.


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