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First Lucky Bag #Fukubukuro 2018

Hey Y'all
2017 was such an amazing year for me and I have the same expectations from 2018. The year started with some goodies, lots of shopping, travel and lucky bags. I started my new year with buying my first lucky bag from INGNI. INGNI is a famous Japanese clothing brand and its lucky bags are amazing. I spent just 10800 yen (108$) and I got the stuff inside at around 47000yen (407$). I mean seriously... WOW.

What's The Lucky Bag (Fukubukuro)??

Lucky bag or Fukubukuro is a kind of shopping bag with lots of surprises inside, which is sold on New Year January 1st or sometimes on January 2nd. You have to spend some fixed amount around 5000 or 10000 to buy one bag from one particular store and you will get just double or sometimes triple and more amounts of stuff in the bag. Sometimes you can see what's inside the bag but, most of the time you don't know what's inside, you just buy and if you're lucky, you can get really good stuff inside. Sometimes you can get really good stuff, but, sometimes you can get disappointed with your lucky bag. I was the lucky one and I really got so much good stuff in the bag.

Who sells The Luck Bag??

Almost every clothing brand sells the Lucky bag, not only clothing but apart from clothing brand, some cosmetics, and drug cosmetics stores, accessories stores, electronic stores, toy stores, and some convenient stores also sell the lucky bag.
Clothing Fukubukuro-: I bought one clothing lucky bag from INGNI at 10800 yen, with 12 pieces of clothes in the bag which cost around 47000 yen.
Accessories Fukubukuro-: I bought another Fukubukuro from Claires at 1000 yen, and for the stuff inside which costs around 3000 yen and I also got a coupon for 50% off on my next purchase so I bought another accessory Fukubukuro at 500 yen. Overall, I bought three lucky bags in this new year and I'm feeling lucky to buy them. ;)
If you don't want to buy any lucky bags, you can also get a big sale at around 50 to 70% off, so if you're planning to shop your winter collection, you must try to shop a lucky bag, it's amazing.  I wish you good luck for your first Lucky bag.
In my other post, I'll show you what I got in my clothing Fukubukuro till then, stay connected.


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