Floral Blue

Blue is the color of the water💦💧
So I chose to wear this floral printed blue dress when I visited one of my favorite water gardens, I was waiting to visit for so long. Totally in love with this garden. There are so many colorful bridges, the red bridge I’m sitting on, has a bright red color with shiny polish, and it is the main attraction of this green garden. I found so many beautiful trees and flower, a huge group of golden and silverfish. I played with golden fish and flowers. No doubt I captured each and every moment.

The blue dress has white flower print on it. The fabric is a very fine silk fabric which makes me feel so comfortable. It has a little shine and very smooth and soft touch. Its shine gives it a rich look.
This is not the first time I was wearing this dress, I had already worn this dress two more times, and guess what happened then? Everyone, who saw me wearing this dress, asked me where did I buy it and also gave so many compliments, which filled me with loads of confidence. So that I  want to wear this Blue floral comfy dress, again and again, I wish I could wear this all the time.

My dress has the same flower print, I found in the garden. I love this flower and so my dress. 🙂


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