H&M Mini Shopping Haul

Hope you are doing well. It's been a while since I've not posted anything, for almost two weeks. I was having some health issues so could not manage the time for blog posts. Now when I've recovered my health issue, the first thing I want to share with you guys, is my mini shopping haul with H&M.
H&M is one of my favorite stores, and I always buy so many things from there. Last week I went to H&M store and bought some accessories, a layered skirt, and two winter tees.

Black layered Skirt

The first stuff I bought from H&M is an elegant and very pretty black layered skirt. Which I didn't need to buy in this winter season, but I bought it because I could not stop myself buying it. Its actual price was $40 but it was on a big sale, so I bought it in $10. This skirt is very comfortable and it has a wide belt on the top and four layered with wrinkled fabric. The wrinkle and layers give it a very cute and elegant look.

New York Titled Tee

Doesn't matter, in which country do you live, but you would like to have a tee titled with NEW YORK. I was looking for something kind of this for a long time, so finally I got this from H&M, also I got it at a very reasonable price which is $10, it was also on a sale, the actual price of this tee was $30. The T-shirt is so good as per it's price. It is a dark blue sweatshirt, and its material is quite thick, perfect for winters. It looks so good when I combo this with a light shade of jeans. For now, this is my most favorite Tee, which is very comfortable.

Sushi on the Cat

The next stuff I have, which is a gray round neck sweatshirt, which is a kind of boring thing (Gray color) but looks at this, it has "Sushi on the Cat" print all over the Tee which gives it a very cute and cool look. I can combo this with a good jean or a black skirt, both will look super cool with this Tee.

Silver sequined Cosmetic pouch

This bag is very trendy and also very attractive. I can carry it handy with a good party wear dress for a party or I can use this as my cosmetics bag too. This pouch comes in a proper silver color and sequined from both sides. It is in my good collectives, also very cheap, I bought this in $7.

Red flower Sequined EarRings

Now I'm in love with this pair of Red earrings, and I bought it without thinking twice. I fell in love with these earrings when I saw it in the H&M store. It is also around $10, which is not so expensive, so I bought it in the first look. I'm a kind of person who mostly prefers Gold earrings for a daily use, but I think I should have good pairs of earrings for some special occasions.

Fur Bag Charm

A bag charm gives a cool and classy look to a simple and boring bag. I'm a bag lover so I love bag charms too. I got this Peach Fur bag charm from H&M, which has two fur boll together along with a peach bow. It is girly and every girl would like to have a bag charm like this.

Eye Mask

Eye masks are the very important thing for a good sleep while traveling, this black eye mask is designed with luxury silk fabric, which gives it a perfect shine, smoothness, thickness, and darkness for a good sleep at night. This is the perfect eye mask for travel and it doesn't discomfort my eyes anyway.

Hope you would like my mini shopping haul from H&M.



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