Hello Blossom, (Cherry Blossom) #Sakura

Hey Guys……
I was so excited to see my first cherry blossom and share my experience with all of you. I have never seen a pink or white tree in India as we don’t have cherry blossoms, so this is my first spring and cherry blossom sightseeing.

Cherry Blossom called Sakura or Hanami in Japan, and it comes in Japan only for a week or maybe two in between March and April, and after that petals start leaving their tree. Sakura is very popular in Japan and looks so beautiful when trees get white petals. Many of Japanese parks have Sakura and they look very cute. Many people go for a picnic with family or just go to hang out with friends. You can see the Blue mat to sit in Sakura everywhere. In some parks, you can find the food stall, who sells Sakura food, sounds yummy no? People go with family or friends, sit on Blue mats, eat Sakura food and have the drink, it looks so beautiful and fun.
Day 1 I went to have a lunch under the Sakura tree with some of my Japanese and Taiwanese friends to Shin- Hakushima Park, Hiroshima. It was a beautiful and a big park with lots of white trees along with a river beside the park. The river makes the Sakura more beautiful. I just fell in love when I saw the park for the first time. According to the plan, we went there in the morning around 11 AM. There was a Kimono shop at the park, so we decided to wear a Kimono and clicked some beautiful Pictures over there. It was not a part of our a day plan, so we did not have any makeup and hair styling accessories or Kimono footwear, still, we wore the Kimono without any makeup and hairstyling and clicked lots of pictures, it became a beautiful memory for me like me in Kimono, under the beautiful white flowers with the beautiful sunny weather.
I am so in love with cherry blossom, oh blossom, why you didn’t come earlier, and when you came, why don’t you stay forever.

This was my first experience of Sakura, how was your first experience?


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