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Hot Pink Saree With Thread Embroidery

 Hey Guys
Do you know why the pink color dedicated to women as their favorite color? because pink is the color of power and nothing in the world is more powerful than a woman.
Pink is the color which never gets out of fashion, its always in trend. Every woman/girl loves to wear pink clothes and accessories, even I love the pink color, I have a pink collection, and I like to buy pink things more and more.
Here is my pink saree, which is also similar to my blue half net saree here  For this saree, I've taken 2.5 meters plain pink georgette fabric for the lower part and a beautiful combination of pink and golden thread embroidered net fabric for the anchal part.
Anchal (Half Top Part)

The length of Aanchal is 3 meters and it has a pink cotton thread embroidery on it with the combination of golden zari and small round shape silver stones. The base fabric of this Aanchal is a very fine and soft net fabric. The thread embroidery makes the saree look so beautiful and heavy looking but actually, this saree is very light weighted.
The rest half part of this saree is a Pink georgette fabric with wide and beautiful golden border. The border is made with a transparent tissue fabric and embroidered with a golden zari and pink thread work, it has a beautiful curvy design with the beautiful combination of pink thread and golden zari. It is also decorated with the golden stones and white pearl which gives it a party wear look. I have given a base to the border with a plain pink cotton silk fabric below the border as the net fabric is very smooth so cotton silk fabric will give it a base and also it will look fine from the back.

Pink Blouse

The Blouse is made of a Cotton silk fabric with all over Zari work. It has a plain round neck from the front and a leaf-shaped oval neck from the back. The very short sleeve gives it a trendy look. The blouse is fully embroidered with golden Zari so it looks so gorgeous, I can wear this blouse with a different combination of saree.


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