I didn’t know about LUSH till one of my friends (who lives in Japan) was not gifted me these products.When I got the gift, first I like the packaging, it comes in a black carry bag written LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS in light brown color on the bag. The packaging was so beautiful. The first product I opened of LUSH was this shower gel YUZU AND COCOA,


I’ve never smelled a shower gel like Yuzu & Cocoa. It looks like a yellow gell and scent very nicely. Its fragrance reminds me a little bit of fresh lemon, coconut, and chocolate. I look forward to using this product every single day, not just for its scent, it also moisturizes and softens my skin. After taking shower with this gel, I feel like I don’t need and moisturizer for my skin. Now I can’t wait to buy more products from LUSH as I’ve become addicted to this. I wish I could know the recipe for making this YUZU AND COCOA shower gel so I could make it 😉


I tried the lip scrub for the first time, and I’m in love with this product. The color is very beautiful and the scent is like bubblegum, I also feel a tint of strawberry as it looks like a light strawberry color. The taste is “YUM”, very sweet and bubble gum flavor. Of course, it is not for eating, but it is a lip scrub so automatically you’ll ingest the taste in your mouth, that’s why is it made with a flavor.
I have a dry lip, especially in winters it gets drier, I’m feeling my lips very smooth from the day I’m using this product. It also gives a pinkish shade after use.


Well, I always look for a good scrub, so I tried some good and some bad scrub. Now I have this scrub, but I’m not very satisfied with this Ocean Salt scrub in comparison of other LUSH products. The scent is very light but it pores real ocean salt in your hands so you can see them. If I rub my hands on my face with this scrub, the sharp salt chunks hurt my skin. So I can not use this as a face scrub, but I can use this for my feet and elbows

how's your experience of using LUSH Cosmetics? leave your comment below.


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