MOD’S Minus ION Hair Dryer #Review

 Hey Guys,
Many of you would have heard about this brand and some of you won’t, MOD’S is a hairstyle tool brand from Paris. I recently bought a hair dryer from the same brand so today I’m going to talk about this hair dryer.
Earlier I was using a hairdryer from Philips, I bought that dryer just a year ago, but I really got disappointed with that, because when it was new, it was good, but it started blowing the air very slowly within six months, so I need to buy a new one and I got this.
It looks very simple like normal hair dryers and comes in two colors, Black & White, I chose the white one. The size is not very small one, but it’s good for travel because it is foldable. You can fold the handle, which can collapse your storage while you travel. When you talk about the weight, it is very light weighted. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to set my hair and give a proper volume to my hairs once it gets dry.
It has two buttons, one is the power button, it also adjusts the speed and air and another one is a heat control button. It has three stages of heat, cold to hot,

The Heat Control Off- it gives cool air, which especially gives a soft touch to your hair, if you want a soft touch, you can off the heat button.

The Low Heat- The low heat is for normal hairs, so you can blow dry your hair in a normal climate, not so cold or not very hot.
The High Heat- High heat is basically to style your hair. You can style your hair however you like with its high heat.

The wire quality is really good, the wire length is 1.6m and it has a lock holder with the wire so it doesn’t get messy.
It also has a wide nozzle which can easily dry your hair to the scalp.
Warranty- It has one-year manufacturing warranty.
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