Pink Nail Kit

 Ahh, Pink again, I love buying pink stuff, more and more pink stuff, this time “A nail kit”.
A nail file is a very important thing in our life, every woman must have a nail file in her makeup bag.  This is a fact that a well-groomed woman can’t groom herself properly without a nail file, so I always look for a good nail file ;). This time I bought this cute pink nail kit. There are two nail files and one nail Clipper.

Sand Finish Round/ Two Way Nail File

This round, double-sided nail file is good for badly shaped nails to give a sharp and smooth finish. It works from both side and gives the same result from both sides. The file is light, small and portable so easy to hold and carry.

Matte Stainless steel File

This nail file comes with a knife shape Stainless steel, it is covered with pink matte finish knife shaped plastic cover, which protects it from dirt and makes it easy to carry in the bag. It is very smooth and gives a shine to my nails after filing.

The Corner Clipper

The clipper is perfect for the corner edges, very sharp and tiny. It comes in perfectly shaped pink plastic, easy to handle, and gives a clean-cut finish to the edges of the nail.

So overall I’m in love with my very new this mini pack of three cute pink nail files kit.


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