Winter Favorite #Nivea

When it's about winter, the first brand comes in everyone's mind, that is Nivea. Winter favorite, not only mine, even everyone's favorite since years. I have grown up with using Nivea in every winter. Its scent reminds me of my childhood and my school timing.
Winter is almost here, and I have already bought my Nivea collection, here they are...

Winter comes with cold air, which dries our skin. Nivea skin milk prevents our skin from dryness, itchy and scratchy, and makes it very smooth and soft in harsh winter. It is also very light and doesn't give any sticky or oily effect.

I like Nivea creams, and I use it every morning and night after wash my face.

Nivea soft I specially bought for my hands, I can use it for my face too but I need this one for my hands first, I always apply a hand cream after washing my hands, So this time Nivea soft, it is quite thinner than other Nivea creams and softens my hands.

I'm a big fan of Nivea chapsticks, previously I was using "A Kiss of Moisture Essential lip care", but this time I bought "Deep Moisture Olive & Lemon Flavor". It doesn't scent too much but has a light flavor of lemon & olive. My lips are in love with this chapstick.
Previously, when we thought about Nivea, only a blue color tin box came to our mind. I like the box and its color, and also I love the cream. Now Nivea has more variety of creams, but I still love this tin box which I like from my childhood.
What's your pick from Nivea for this winter, give your views in the comment section below.


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