Go With Pastel

Hello Guys,
As the winter is about on an end, and the spring is almost here, it is still so cold in Japan, we can’t go out without layering winter clothes, especially when you are going to visit some Island. It feels so cold near see or on an Island. This weekend I went to visit the Rabbit Island, that day the weather was mostly cloudy, so I chose to go with pastel shades in the cloudy weather.
I am wearing a rose pink color sweater with a high west gray cotton trouser and I am layering them with a beige color long coat. I really enjoy getting layered in the winter, I never bought beige color ever before, but I love this coat, so I thought it would be really good to have this coat in my wardrobe. The coat is so soft and really warm, the fitting is a bit loose but it is good to be layered from inside and also it looks so stylish, I really like this piece. I bought this coat from Zara and it costs me 11900 yen (119$). The gray trouser goes perfectly with my black boots.

I’ll make another post about Rabbit Island as I’ll start my Travel Category on my blog, till then stay connected.


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