Rabbit Island (Okunoshima), Hiroshima, Japan

Rabbit Island (Okunoshima), around 47 Km far from Hiroshima Station, this is not a big but super cute island. This island has a really dark side (I am not going to touch it), but the brighter side of it is super- super cute. As per its name, the island is full with more 700 Rabbits, you can see them everywhere on this Island, just make sure to not step on the Rabbits, as they will run at you in the group when they will see you. I realized that Rabbits were more than people. You can play with them, you can pamper them and you can feed them. Feeding the bunnies is the best thing you can do on this Island. Make sure that whenever you got there, first buy some Rabbit food, it is available on every nearest store or shop at a very convenient price. The rabbit food costs only 100 Yen for each but it makes the Rabbit so happy, and they always expect that people have some food for them.
Once you reach the Island, you can enter to the Kyukamura hotel, you can stay there if you want. You can rent a bicycle to visit the Island. There is a shop inside the hotel, where you can buy gifts for your loved one, and there is the only restaurant on this Island is in the same hotel. The hotel also looks like a beautiful resort from outside as it is on the front of the sea.
How to Get to the Rabbit Island
Get the JR train for Kure line from Hiroshima station and get off at the last stop which is called Hiro, it will take 45 minutes from Hiroshima to Hiro. From the same station get another train for Tadanaumi station. This time the train will get you there in 1 hour. Now get off at Tadanaumi station and get a ferry for the Rabbit Island. Before getting in the ferry, buy the Rabbit food at the ferry station, you can also buy the ferry ticket at the same shop which will cost you 640 yen only and the Round trip for 1 person by train will be 2640 yen from Hiroshima station to Tadanaumi.
The Island is super cute and a must visit place for the people who travel Japan.


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