Things to Do in Tottori

 Tottori, one of the beautiful city in Japan, is a tourist place and around two million tourists come to visit here every year. Tottori is the biggest desert in Japan. Around 16 Km long desert looks so amazing with a beautiful combination of mountain, sand, and sea. Today I am sharing my experience of Tottori and things to do in Tottori.

Sand Dunes- The major attraction of Tottori is its sand dune. It has a beautiful sand dune beside the beach and sea. It is the biggest sand dune of Japan, it looks so beautiful of the combination of Mountain, Desert, and Sea. 
Sand Museum- The Sand museum is just next to sand dune and you can find it so easily. The sand museum is a huge museum full of sand sculptures, it looks so lively, and the sculptures look like real characters. They show the hard work of the various artists who make them.
Fare- 600-yen entry fee
Camel Riding- Camels are supposed to live in a desert. There are many camels available in Tottori sand dune so you can have a camel ride. Single and double both type of ride is available there.
Fare- 1300 yen for single and 2500 yen for couple ride

Paragliding- You can enjoy the adventure like Paragliding available at the dune. Many people do paragliding while there visit at Tottori. You can book online or you also can contact the paragliding school while you visit at Tottori.
Fare- 7000 yen for half day and 10500 yen for one day

Sliding Chair Ride- There is a small ride of sliding chair available near the sand dune. You can enjoy the ride of sliding chair and observe the surrounding view.
Fare- 300 yen for round trip

Observatory for Desert and Sea- From the top of the museum, you can observe the beautiful view of Tottori sand dune and beach.

 How to get to Tottori
You can get the direct flight to Tottori from Tokyo. I live in Hiroshima and there is no direct train available for Tottori from Hiroshima so I took a bus from Hiroshima to Okayama and from Okayama, to Tottori I went by train.
From Okayama, there is an express train available called Inaba express, it will take almost 2 hours to get you to the Tottori station and it will cost you around 1600 for fare and 2700 for the express charges per person.

From Tottori station, you can get the loop bus which will get you to the sand dune, you can also visit the other tourist places of Tottori like castle and parks with the same bus. The loop bus will cost you around 300 for sand dune (the same price is for every place by loop bus).
I hope my post will be helpful for your first visit to Tottori.


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