MAC SO CHAUD Lipstick and Brushstroke Eye Liner

Until I  was in India, I was a big fan of Lakme cosmetics, since I am in Japan Lakme has been replaced by MAC cosmetics in my makeup essentials and I am being a big fan of MAC products. I have not bought so many of them yet, but slowly buying all my favorite stuff which I use the most.

Last month I went to the MAC counter to buy a few lipsticks shades (yes few because Lipstick is my favorite makeup essential) and I tried so many different shades and different types of it but I could not finalize any of them.


Just a moment before leaving the counter, I randomly saw this shade and grabbed it like this is the last piece of MAC lipsticks ;). As I was looking for a matte type pop color and I also didn't want to go with red because I already have red shades, so I loved this one. It was the same as I expected and was looking for.

It is a very pretty orange color which pops up my face even when I am not wearing any other makeup, it looks great. It is a matte lipstick, but not very dry, it has a light creamy touch which doesn't chap my lips and feels soft. It stays for so long more than any of my other lipsticks.

MAC Brushstroke Eye Liner Liquide

I haven't tried brushstroke eyeliners ever before, so this is my first try of this type of eyeliner, but I already wanted to buy this one because it is easier to apply than bottle eyeliners. Here are some other benefits of this eyeliner which make it perfect for every makeup lover........

It is a light weighted product so easy to carry

Easy to apply and doesn't mess

Gets dry very quickly and doesn't spread

Water and smudge proof so lasts longer

Have you tried SO CHAUD Lipstick and Brushstroke eyeliner by MAC, go give them a try, they are amazing.
If you have any question related to these products, please ask me in the comment section below.



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