Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Cushion 01

Today I am going to talk about the Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Cushion. I got this product as a gift on my birthday. People will laugh at me if I will say that when I saw this cute box for the first time, I thought that it is a compact face powder (LOL) but then I realized that the box says cushion.
I really love the packaging, the box and the color of the box, even from inside it looks beautiful. As you can see in the pictures, it comes with this turquoise box with a small puff which is very useful and very helpful to apply the product.
The product says that it has a matte finish, it gives a very natural matte finish, it doesn't feel like a powdery matte, it looks natural after it gets set with the skin.
It is matte so you don't need any setting powder and it also has a very good coverage so you "MAY" not need concealer (I'm exactly not sure, depends on the person).
It depends on your skin type, but personally, I use a little bit of moisturizer before using this, it makes my skin look more natural and also my skin doesn't get dry after using this.
It has SPF25 PA+ which also protect my skin from the sun, which is really good for my skin.

As I got it as a gift, I think it is one shade lighter for my skin, and I guess 02 would be much better for me.
I am really glad that I got it because it is not available everywhere, It's only available in Asian countries.
It comes in only two shades so can't match with all skin tone.
The box is not a very high airtight so make sure to keep it in an airtight place.

If you also want to buy this product, here is the link you can buy from, but I am not sure that they ship in your country or not.



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