Rose de Courreges Perfume

Rose de Courreges, a brand from Paris Rose De Courreges

Around the summer in India, the temperature gets around 45-50 (damn hot). Being an Indian, I am very much friendly with hot weathers, but Japan is a 90% humid country in summer, here I feel like my skin is burning when the sun comes upon the head.

In that case, we need 24-hour air condition and some fresh fragrances. This tiny, cute bottle of perfume makes me feel fresh whole day.

I have this girly bottle for the last four months, and I am using it every single day. It has a light scent of rose.
It smells like a beautiful, confident woman crossing the street next to you.

The bottle of this perfume is very small, cute and travel-friendly

It makes me feel holding a fresh rose bouquet with some nice combination.

It is a budget-friendly perfume

Comes in various sizes so you can choose as per your requirement.

Stays for a very long time.


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