Statement Necklace and Blue Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are always the best outfit for summer because they are so comfortable and look stylish. They are very easy to carry and they don't make a mess while you are wearing them. Some of them are so casual and some of them are so classy, but they all look good when someone puts them on. They also come in various sizes and length so it depends on your mood, what type of jumpsuit you are going to wear. They also can be in different designs, patterns, and material. Some people like to wear cotton jumpsuits, some like to wear synthetic. They also come for different occasions like a day or night, office or party.

Here I am wearing my new jumpsuit which is a dark navy blue color jumpsuit. The material of this item is 100 percent cotton T-shirt material, so it is very comfortable for summer. It is a T-shirt material so it doesn't feel sticky or sweaty which is perfect for summer. The top portion of this jumpsuit has a self-flower detail, which is also open from the back and the bottom of it has a fit of loose to tight which fits me so well. It costs me around 2900 yen plus tax, so it is not cheap, but I love it, this is so comfortable, simple yet stylish.

I am not a jewelry person, but at the moment I saw this necklace at the store, I thought it would perfectly go with my jumpsuit. It has a silver and gold combination with very bold glitter detail so it gives my simple dress a bold look.
To pair this jumpsuit, I am wearing a matching footwear and carrying a matching leather sling bag.

Jumpsuit- Uniqlo, Necklace- Clare, Bag- Lavie, Footwear- Old, Lipstick- Mac



  1. This is quite stunning!!!



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