Wearing A 30 Years Old Traditional Kimono

I wanted to post this blog for a long time but due to some reasons, I could not post. This is one of my best memory in Japan and also very special to me. I am wearing a Japanese Kimono which is very special to me. The lady who owns this Kimono is actually my Japanese teacher, but she calls me her Indian daughter and I call her my Japanese mother. She wore this Kimono when she turned the twenty, and her daughter wore the same Kimono when she turned twenty.
Japan has a very old tradition for women, they wear Kimono when they turn twenty as their twentieth ceremony, that's why this Kimono is very special. My Japanese mother wanted me to wear her own Kimono when I was new to Japan. She is a very kind, humble and very nice person. Apart from my mom, she is the best lady I have ever met in my entire life, I can not explain her in the words, but I really adore her.
The Kimono is more than 30 years old but it looks like a new one and also royal and traditional. It has made with a pure silk fabric and it has two layers, the inner part of it is a white plain material and the outer part is a very beautiful silk material with orange floral print on it. It has a long sleeve which is the sign of an unmarried girl in Japan.
The wide belt I am wearing on my waist called OBI, it gives a support of entire dress and also makes it look beautiful. It takes a long time to tie and feels very tight on the waist. I am also wearing the traditional Kimono wooden footwear and white socks.
My hairstyle is done by my teacher's daughter who is also my very good friend, she has used beautiful matching orange hair accessories for styling my hair.

Love ❤️

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