August 6, Anniversary of Bombing 1945, Hiroshima

We all know about the Atomic Bomb blast in Japan 1945. It was a horrible time for Japan, we cannot even imagine. The place where the Atomic bomb was dropped, called Atomic bomb dome (Gen Baku dome in Japanese) and the area around the dome called the Peace Memorial Park.
Many people gather at The Atomic Bomb Dome, Every year on August 6th. People remember this day as an anniversary of the bombing and they pray for peace.

In the morning at 8:15(the time of bombing) the peace alarm rings in the entire city. The Prime Minister and Mayor of Hiroshima reads a special peace message. Japanese people, including school and college students, perform on so many cultural programs. People who lost their family members in the blast, with their eyes fill with tears, pray for the peace of their loved one.

The statue in the peace park is always decorated with thousands of colorful crans.

In the evening people lit the Peace Message Floating lantern in the river next to the Atomic Bomb Dome. Anyone can write the message on the lantern which will be set for the floating in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome.
Not only Hiroshima, but Japan has changed a lot in this 73 years after the blast but no one can forget this day.

At this sad moment, let's pray for the peace and happiness of Japan.


  1. I love history and this opened up my heart and filled it with some history and love for the people of Japan. They've chosen a remarkable way to remember those who died in the bomb (I love the whole thing). Looking forward to seeing more on Japan!
    We pray for peace around the world even now.

  2. Thank you so much for your love and support. Yes they have faced allot in the earlier life and the day is very touchable for every Japanese or Non-Japanese person who lives here.


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