Calvin Klein One Red For Her, Newly Added in My Collection,

I am not a deodorant person, I am a perfume person and I love to keep some quality perfumes in my collection. I was using Nike Women Perfume, which has a really light casual fragrance. A few months ago I bought Rose De Courreges, which has a very girly rose scent (still using and love it ). Now here's newly added in my collection Calvin Klein, this high-end branded scent gives a very classy touch to my wardrobe.

Here I am going to talk about the newest addition to my wardrobe CK One Red For Her

The packaging is very basic like other Calvin Klein Perfumes packaging, simple and classy. It comes in a crystal bottle with small red cap, it doesn't have a cap for regular use, it only has the spray lid so you don't have to open it up every time you need to use it. Just spray the scent and you ready to go.
One thing I would like to mention that if you are not using it for a long time, please close it with the bottle cap, not with the spray lid so the perfume can be safe for a long time.
I don't use it on a daily basis (I keep it for some occasion) so I keep it safe in the box with the bottle cap.

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