DIY Jeans Inspired by GUCCI

As I promised, I come back with another DIY, here is my new DIY project.
I always like doing embroidery. I have made so many embroidery projects, sometimes in college (Fashion Designing), sometimes as a hobby, but I just love doing it.
As a designing student, I have learned so many different types of stitches, some basics, some traditional, but the very basic stitches I learned from my mom.
My mom is the only one who made me an embroidery person. I learned some basic hand embroidery stitches then I did a short-term course in machine embroidery at the age of 13.
My passion for embroidery made me a good student in the same subject during my graduation.
As grew up, I stopped doing these things and got busy with other works.
This summer vacation, when I had free time and I got bored, I thought to do something I was good at.
I realized that I have some bottoms I am really bored with, so I decided to give them a new look.  I first chose my shorts and then my light blue denim by Recap,

What You'll Need?

An old jeans
Cotton embroidery threads
Embroidery frame
Pen or Pencil

What Should You Do?

Let's start with the bottom part of the jeans, first of all, cut the bottom hemline of your jeans.
Tweeze the edges as you like, (it is easy but takes time).
Wash the jeans in the washing machine so the bottom gets rough.


Draw a rose design with pen or pencil on the jeans, (wherever you want, front, side or on pockets).
Divide the design into two lines
Start doing satin stitch and fill the first line with the darker shade of red color, then another line with a lighter shade of red color.
Same thing you can do with the leaf and stem.
You can also use the patches instead of embroidery, Amazon has a great deal on patches, I'll share the link down below.

Your new denim is ready to rock, Gucci always has these type of embroidered denim in its collection so my this DIY project is inspired by Gucci.

Rose Patches on Amazon

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