DIY Old Shorts Into A New Look

Do you DIY your clothes??
I do, and I love to do it.  I have this pair of army green shorts for last one year and I have worn this shorts, so many times, now I am really bored of wearing the same one. So I decided to give my old shorts a totally new look.
I dealt with it and it turned into a beautiful short, so I decided to share with you all., so you can also do the same thing.

What You'll Need?

Denim Shorts/ Jeans
Marker (optional)
Tweezer/Safety Pin
Flower Patch or embroidery tools (thread, needle, Embroidery frame)

What Should You Do

First of all, mark the length 1 inch longer than the actual size you want for your shorts.
Cut the pant with your scissors, make sure to cut in the equal size of both legs.
Tweeze the edges of the pant in the way you like your shorts, I am tweezing straight and equal.
After doing all your scissor sesh, wash the shorts and iron properly.

Now we move on to the final look. There are several Patches available in the market, all you need to do is take a perfect Patch and paste it on your shorts with the help of the iron.


Draw a decent design on your shorts and make your own embroidery if you know how to do it.
I did it by myself because I love to do embroidery. I drew a flower design and embroidered with black cotton thread.

Note- If you're DIY-ing your shorts with your old denim, make sure the denim should not be very skinny.
Cut your denim diagonally, the inner part of your leg should be long and the side part of your leg should be short.



I love DIY-ing bottoms and hopefully will come soon with another one.

Thanks For Reading


  1. Your embroidery skills are impressive. I do embroidery myself and I have to say that you did a great job with those flowers.

    Great way to upgrade an old pair of shorts!

    1. Thank you so much Ivana, yes I love to do embroidery. :)

  2. Really nice inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!


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