Rose Gold Obsession

I have always been a big fan of Black color. If you will see my old pictures on Facebook, you will find all my pictures in Black clothes. I always loved black for my clothing.
Well, things Changed, I changed and I became obsessed with Rose Gold. Not only for clothing but for anything I just love the color and its different shades (including peach and light pink).
From the curtain to door mate, all I have in the peach shade, from my coffee mug to water bottle all I have in a monochrome of peach and rose gold. From my mobile phone (iPhone 7 Plus) to my wallet, all I have in rose gold. All I want to say that I am just crazy about the monochrome shades of Rose gold and I just love these shades.
I am as crazy for these shades as my close one started buying me (or gifting me) stuff in these shades only, they know very well that if they will buy me these shades, I would love it the most.
Recently I bought this beautiful rose gold dress and these flats from H&M on a big sale (70% off summer sale). I love this dress, the color (of course), and material. The material is a very fine crape material which gives the dress a beautiful shine.
The dress is quite simple, but stylish, on the top of it has a long bow, which you can tie as you want.
On the right bottom of this dress has a beautiful pleat detail which gives it a wide flared look.

On me-Dress- H&M Footwear- H&M Clutch- WEGO Glasses- H&M

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I love a bit of rose gold! X

  2. Wow, loved the rose gold dress💕💕. I am still a black lover though as black dresses don't get dirty soon😂

  3. Hahaha, yes you're right, they don't get dirty soon and we all love black color. Thank you for the compliment :)

  4. Nice one this rose gold asymmetric dress suits you


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