Pantene Pro-V Moist Smooth Care

Pantene has always suited my hair, no matter which shampoo or conditioner from Pantene I am using, it always makes my hair much healthier. Today I am talking about the new Pantene Pro-V Moist Smooth Care.

 Pantene Pro-V Moist Smooth care is the new summer edition from Pantene. It is basically a conditioning treatment from Pantene Japan.

 It is a UV Damage repair treatment, it will protect your hair from the sun in the summer along with making your hair soft and smooth. This is the first hair treatment I have ever used which has UV protection.

How To Use It

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and use your regular conditioner before using it (you can also skip the conditioning).
Now take a required amount of it (depends on the length of your hair) and spread it on your palms and apply gently on your hair from the root to the end. Massage your hair gently and wash with normal water.

It will make your hair extra smooth and soft and also protect it from the ultraviolet radiation in the hot weather.
It also comes in a shampoo form, but the conditioner is best to use with any other shampoo.
It smells like a fruity aroma which makes you feel fresh all day long.

Pantene says" It can recover 1/1000 of a micro level damaged portion of your hair".

My hair had become very dry and rough throw the heat and it lost its natural shine. I got my healthy hair back since I am using this product. I feel to touch my hair again and again after using this product.

Note- Please do not use it if you have any scar, swelling or cut on your scalp.

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