DIY Turquoise Bead Necklace

I am not good at making jewelry. This is my first DIY jewelry ever.
I have seen so many Turquoise pieces of jewelry in bead stores in India and Japan, but never thought to make one. I saw these combination beads during a random shopping at DAISO, I thought it could be a great option for my first DIY jewelry. I made it very easy and it turned into a beautiful neck piece.

I am using four small packs of turquoise beads (one long, one big and two small round beads),

What You'll need?

4 packet different types of beads
Needle and thread
Jump rings and a hook
Pliers to open the jump rings

How You'll Make it?

First of all, open the jump rings with the help of pliers and make a chain by attaching them with each other.

Take a double thread (around 22cm) and make a small knot with threading the needle.

Feed the thread up through the whole of the hook and make two knots.

Start beading your one pack of small beads on the thread.

After finishing one pack of small beads start making your design with one round and one long bead (they Can be random).

After finishing both big beads, finish with beading another pack of small beads.

Make sure that all the beads are tight, bead the jump ring chain at the end of the thread and make two knots.
Cut the extra thread and your turquoise bead necklace is ready.

You can use the bead stringing wire instead of thread, they are easily available at bead stores.

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