Dove Cleansing Water and Facial Wash Beauty Serum

Dove Japan has a lot of skin care products and they also come for different skin type.
I got these double cleanser Dove Cleansing Water and Facial Wash Beauty Serum two months ago and now it's time to share my experience with you.

Dove Cleansing Water

I would not say that this is the best cleansing product, but it is a really good option for your daily makeup removal, it removes your makeup very easily. Just pump the water 3-4 pumps on a cotton pad and remove your makeup, then wash your face with the foaming wash. 

Facial Wash Beauty Serum

Dove facial wash beauty serum comes in different types, you can go with your skin type. After cleansing your skin with the Dove Cleansing Water, use this facial wash to remove the last texture of your makeup.
Take a required quantity of it and rub on your palms with the help of water and make a foam, now apply the foam on your face and massage all around so it can clean your face properly.
Rinse your face with tap water and you will get a very clean, clear and soft skin.

I don't use this cleansing water on a daily basis because I am so obsessed with DHC cleansing oil, but I use it alternately.


I am not really sure about the facial wash beauty serum that it will be good for you or not (it depends on the skin type), because it makes my skin a little dry, but I would definitely recommend the cleansing water, you must try this product, this is really good as a double makeup removal.



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