Miyajima Island Part 2, Dear and Street Food

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They are the cutest thing on Miyajima Island. Apart from Nara Dear park, this is the second place where you can play with dears. Miyajima island is a home to dears, they walk towards people and don't afraid. Even if they are really hungry, they won't attack towards you for food, and once they are served with their food, they will bow at you, isn't it so adorable?.
The Japanese government helps to feed the deer, but most of them are dependent on the food which tourists serve them. I would recommend you to must buy food to feed the deer, it is easy to find anywhere in Miyajima.

Street Food

Walking through the shopping street you will find many snack shops. You can smell a smoky smell of oyster at almost every restaurant. If you are a seafood lover, you can find very fresh oyster at every stall. Miyajima has the biggest oyster market in Japan. 
The second famous thing to try here is Momiji Manju. It looks like a maple leaf shape stuffed with different flavors like chocolate, cheese, custard, red been followed by baking. You can also try the deep fried Momiji and you are going to love it. A person like me who doesn't like the traditional Momiji bought three more after eating the first one.

Miyajima Aquarium

Around 20 minutes by walk from Miyajima Ferry station, you can reach the Aquarium. It has a huge variety of Aquatic Animals like Sea Loins, penguins, fish and many more. The Aquarium holds sea lion shows three times a day (10:30am, 1pm, and 3:30pm).
You can buy the ticket at the counter in Aquarium, (Prices- 1400Yen for adults and 700yen for kids) Visiting hour- 9am to 5pm.

How To Reach Miyajima

Around 30 minutes from Hiroshima station by JR and around 1 hour by Hiroden (streetcar), the destination would be the Miyajima station. At Miyajima station, you can take the ferry, it will take you directly to the Miyajima Island. You can take one day pass for JR trains, which includes the free ride for the Ferry, and you can get an additional discount on the Ropeway tickets with this pass. Remember that JR pass will not work for Hiroden but they have the same type of pass which works for trains (Streetcars), ferry, and Ropeway.

I hope this will be helpful for your next trip to Japan.

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