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September Favorites Essentials

I tried so many things in September and I love a few of them. Here I am sharing my September favorite essentials which I really like and want to buy again and again.

DHC Cleansing Oil
I have already made a post about DHC Cleansing Oil. This is one of my favorites beauty essential and I am so obsessed with it. DHC Cleansing oil is one of the most popular cleansing oil in Japan and it is really effective, it removes your makeup very easily.
Just take a few drops of it in your palms and apply to your makeup area, that's it, it removes your very easily and cleans your face.

Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper Lipstick

I love Maybelline lip products, lip balm or lipstick, both are good. I have been using this Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper Lipsticks since September, and I like the way it is. I prefer to use it in the daytime on a regular basis or at my work.
It is really good for those who want a glossy effect with a very light shade.
It has a very pretty day color with a little bit of shine (I don't mind), looks so pretty and easy to apply.

Petit Fleur Rose Garden Bath Powder

Well, I got this bath powder as a gift at a high-end shopping mall in Japan when I got their membership. I have been using this bath powder this month.
The color of this powder is orange and it changes the orange color to a very pretty green color when it comes with a contact with water, both colors are so beautiful
The smell is quite hard for me and it smells like an incense stick for me or something like a sandal, but smells good.

Biotique Mountain Ebony 

I heard about the Biotique on social media and YouTube. It is an Indian Ayurvedic brand and its products are made naturally. Biotique says 100% natural and no animal testing. Being an Indian, we believe in Ayurveda so I thought to give it a try. One of my Indian friend recently been to India for a vacation so I asked her to buy Biotique Mountain Ebony for me. I am using this for the last one month and I realized that 30% of my hair fall have stopped. I use it twice a week in a dry scalp and leave it for my next hair wash. The product is so good as I expected. It smells really nice and it is a very affordable item for anyone. 

Plumeria Body Oil by Hawaiian Bath & Body

As you can see the name, it is a Hawaiian body oil and I got it as a gift from one of my friends who recently been to Hawaii. It has a light scent and smells soooo good. It gets absorbed by the body very quickly and does not make my skin oily and sticky. A good product for Autumn. 

Anessa Sunscreen

Since I have got pigmentation, I have become so obsessed with sunscreen. My obsession for sunscreen is NOV sunscreen, but I recently tried this product Anessa. This is one of the best sunscreens in Japan. It comes in three forms, milk, gel and cream. I tried a buy the cream one, but it was not available at the moment, so I chose the milk one. It doesn't feel heavy on my face and takes just a few minutes to get absorbed by my skin and makes it flawless.

Lululun Hawaii

I have become a big fan of Lululun sheet masks, so a friend of mine gave me the lululun Hawaii (only available in Hawaii) sheet mask. It is a Polynesian so it is called Pulululun. I love the color combination of its packaging. For me, it works differently than the Japanese Lululun. It moisturizes my skin and gives it very light and soft touch. My skin looks much healthier after using this sheet mask. I want to buy it next time, but unfortunately, it is not available in Japan.

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Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper Lipsticks
DHC Cleansing oil
Lululun Sheet Masks
Anessa Sunscreen
Biotique Mountain Ebony
Hawaiian Plumeria Body Oil

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