Steam Cream, One Cream, Many Uses

Trying Out Japanese Skincare -02

The steam cream is the handmade skincare product of Japan. It is a natural concept and made with the Vegan ingredients like lavender oil. The steam cream is a moisturizer and it comes with a very light and soft consistency. The fragrance of this product is very natural.. Other ingredients are Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Orange Blossom Water, Almond oil, Rose absolute and other natural ingredients.
It comes in a tin box with very cute and beautiful designs. The designs of tin are really cute and they come with a limited edition according to the weather and seasons. I have got these rose tin and strawberry tin, but they have several designs like Mickey mouse, Helloween, Sakura and many more.
I have also got a message card with so many different tin designs.


Normally we find a cream for one particular part of our body but this cream has multiple uses, you can use this cream for your face, hand, body even your hair. If your hair is dry and rough, you can apply this cream to your hair and make it soft and shiny. 
It hydrates your skin, makes it soft and moisturized. It doesn't feel sticky and gets absorbed by the skin very easily.

It is a good souvenir or gift for your friends and family from Japan.

Thank you Love❤️


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