The Outlet Mall, Hiroshima

The Outlet mall is the first Outlet in Hiroshima and it is the most beautiful mall I have ever seen. It is located on the top of the mountain 5-6 Km away from the main city. The observatory view of the city from the mall is just adorable.
The outlet mall is not made in a traditional Japanese style, it is made in a western style and it looks like a shopping street in London. They have so many big brands like Armani, Coach, Lacoste, Guess, Nike, Adidas, Ray-Ban, Paul Smith and many more. All brands have their separate hut style counter or shop. It looks amazing.
It has two-faces outdoor and indoor. If you are looking for a shopping spree, head to the top floor and when you get tired of shopping, head to the down floor and take a rest while eating different types of Japanese food.


It is a beautiful place to visit near Hiroshima
It has a huge option for shopping lovers.
The pricing is really good at any big brands. 
Different varieties of Japanese food.
You can find different sports options in one place like bowling, skating.  
There is a huge parking lot and it's absolutely free (it is a big pro because parking in Japan is so expensive).

Travel Guide

You can easily get the bus from the Hiroshima bus center or Nishi-Hiroshima station, it will directly get you to the Outlet.

I will definitely recommend this place to any new visitor of Hiroshima.

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