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Top 5 Japanese Facial Sheet Mask

Sheet Masks are really popular in Japan and it is a very important skincare product for Japanese people. Japan has really good and many different types of sheet masks, here I am sharing my top 5 favorite sheet masks which I have used on my daily basis, but first, let me share a few things about a sheet mask. What is A sheet Mask?? We generally don't care about it, but sheet mask is very important skincare product. It is a kind of fabric which comes in a face shape along with eyes and lips cut. It is made with soft cotton fiber and dipped and soaked with the serum and essence, so it sticks to your face properly for a certain time.  How to use a sheet mask?? I have shared my Japanese skincare routine step by step so please check  here . After double cleansing your face and applying your lotion and serum, take a sheet mask and apply it on your face by following the eye and lip area. A sheet mask has two sides, one is soft and another one is a little rough, so make sure to

DIY Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

Matcha green tea is well known in Japan as a drink. It is very old and traditional Japanese tea, Japan also has a Matcha tea ceremony. Matcha comes in a very beautiful green powder form, just mix in a warm water and drink. It is full of anti-oxidants, which keeps you healthy. Apart from using Matcha as a drink, Japan also has a lot of beauty products made with green tea. I am using Matcha as the main ingredient of my skincare for a long time. Here is my recipe to make DIY Matcha Green Tea face mask...... What You'll Need? To make this face mask, all you'll need is. 2 tsp Matcha Green Tea 1 tsp of fresh Yogurt 1/4 tsp of Honey How To Apply? Take all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them well. Clean your face with your cleanser and apply this pack on all over your face and neck area ( Please ignore eye and lip area). Let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash your face with a lukewarm water and dry your face with patting a soft towel. Yogurt and honey nourish and moistu

Japanese Day and Night Skincare Routine

In the world of beauty, Japan always comes to the top and it is well known. Japan has a huge variety of Skincare and Makeup brands with a wide range of different prices, especially skincare. Japanese Skincare is very popular in the entire world. Japanese women always look younger because they focus on skincare more than makeup. They spend a fortune to take a good care of their skin. Since I am in Japan, I have been trying to take care of my skin as much as I can, the result is my skin looks much healthier than earlier. Today I am sharing the step by step Japanese skincare routine which you would also like to follow to have a beautiful and healthy skin. Morning Routine Cleansing Cleansing is the first step of skincare. You should clean your face properly every time you wash your face to keep your skin away from all the dust and makeup trashes. A good cleanser is very important, so I use DHC cleansing oil to clean my face or makeup twice a day. Double Cleansing The second