Top 5 Japanese Facial Sheet Mask

Sheet Masks are really popular in Japan and it is a very important skincare product for Japanese people. Japan has really good and many different types of sheet masks, here I am sharing my top 5 favorite sheet masks which I have used on my daily basis, but first, let me share a few things about a sheet mask.

What is A sheet Mask??

We generally don't care about it, but sheet mask is very important skincare product. It is a kind of fabric which comes in a face shape along with eyes and lips cut. It is made with soft cotton fiber and dipped and soaked with the serum and essence, so it sticks to your face properly for a certain time. 

How to use a sheet mask??

I have shared my Japanese skincare routine step by step so please check here.
After double cleansing your face and applying your lotion and serum, take a sheet mask and apply it on your face by following the eye and lip area. A sheet mask has two sides, one is soft and another one is a little rough, so make sure to apply from the soft area so it touches your skin properly. In the end, complete your skincare routine with applying your moisturizer. 

Benefits of a sheet mask??

As I already mentioned, it is soaked with serum and essence, when you apply it on your face and leave it for a recommended time, your skin absorbs the serum and essence from the sheet mask. It helps your skin to absorb the serum for a long time and makes your skin really hydrated and moisturized. 

Lululun Sheet Mask

Lululun is one of the best sheet masks and one of the best Japanese skincare products. It comes in three forms and color White, pink and blue. The pink one is the regular one and specially made for hydration and it is good for all skin types. The white one is specially made for whitening and brightening, it is good for oily to combination skin. The last one is the blue one and it is made for extra moisturizing, it is good for dry skin. 

KOSE Cosmeport Sheet Mask

Kose Cosmeport clear turn sheet mask is also one of the best sheet masks of Japan. It says it is the No-1 Japanese sheet mask for 12 years (2006-2017). It comes in 6 different types for Brightening, Moisturizing, Whitening, Re-pumping skincare, Vitalizing skincare and whitening and anti-aging. It comes in a plastic box for the 1-month pack and the price is really affordable.  

Flowfushi Saisei Sheet Mask

The Flowfushi Saisei sheet mask is an award-winning sheet mask @cosme. This sheet mask comes in three different types, for lip zone, eye zone, and the face line. It contains two sheets for a 7-day course in one pack. It is made with thin layered fiber for lifting and firming your skin. The sheet mask moisturizes your entire face while focusing on the sensitive area like eye area, lip area, and chin to cheek upwards.

Pure Smile Sheet Mask

This face mask actually comes in so many different types and also changes according to its limited edition. This one comes in a 1 sheet pack for 100yen ($1) which is very affordable. Specially made for moisturizing and hydrating your skin, it also has collagen. All pack has cute and colorful designs and they smell really nice.  

Quality 1st All in One Sheet Mask

The last one is the Quality 1st sheet mask, which has all in one pack. It has 35 different ingredients including hyaluronic acid, collagen, Vitamin-c, ceramide and many other ingredients to hydrate, moisturize, whitens, brighten your skin. Since the sheet mask includes all in one, you can directly apply it after cleansing your skin.

That is all about my top five favorite Japanese sheet mask, I hope that it will be helpful to buy your first Japanese sheet mask.


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