How to Make a Double String Bead Necklace

In search of my next DIY project, I headed to a new jewelry craft store. I saw these rose gold pearls with some matching beads and decided to make this pretty necklace. I bought twelve different types of matching beads to make this piece. It took me an hour to match the beads together, but when it accomplished, it turned into a really alluring neck piece. Here's how I did it myself...

Material Required

Different types of matching beads
String wire
Crimp beads
Jump Rings
Wire guardians
Lobster Clasp

Steps to follow

1-  Cut the string wire as per the desired size, lock one edge of the wire with tape and start beading first round with small beads following up with this dark shade one size bigger bead (the smaller beads I am using is 14 each side). Complete at least 4 times beading the smaller one with the combination of dark or matching bigger beads.
2- Now make the first pattern with these matching combo beads.
3- Follow the small bead pattern with this pearl and make the second and center pattern. Repeat the same process, lock the edge with tape.
4- Start the second layer by following the same process of small beads. Make the next pattern with these combo beads (the beads can be as per your choice).

5- Follow with the center pattern and finish with repeating the same process.
6- Take one side of both layers together and put in the crimp bead. Now slide both strings in the wire guardian together.

7- Slide the edge of the string back to the crimp beads, flatten the crimp bead and trim the edge. Repeat with the other side.

8- Open the jump rings with the plier and joint them with the clasp. 

Now lock the jump ring attaching with the wire guardian. Repeat with both sides.

I really like my new rose gold neck piece and looking forward to wearing it soon.
What do you think about this DIY project, hope you'll like it too.

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