Mini Makeup Haul At KATE Tokyo

KATE is one of the best affordable cosmetics brands in Japan by Kanebo. It is owned by Tokyo and available in 8 different countries. Kate is known as Japan's no-1 makeup brand in sales because they come in a small size and affordable price. The products are made by remembering the nightlife of Tokyo so they have a metallic effect.

"Kate Tokyo is designed for the daring and modern city-dweller. Our makeup products and techniques stimulate experimentation through a brave transcendence of style"
                                                                                                                              Says Kanebo

I recently had a mini makeup hall at Kate, and today I am going to review all the products I bought.

Eye Palette

The eye palette is very cute and small and I bought it because it has all the shades I wanted. I am not a person who likes very colorful eyes, I always want a no-makeup look for days and sometimes smokey eyes for the night and this palette is good for both. Shade no-5 is perfect for a smokey brown eye and shade no-1 called fake shade powder is perfect for no makeup look. Other shades have some glitter in it so they can be used for both day and night time. The packaging is very adorable, tiny and travel-friendly.

Eye Liner

Brown eyeliner is very trendy these days, so I bought this brown eyeliner. Japanese women love to have a natural look and this eyeliner is perfect for that. This brown eyeliner gives a smashing color but doesn't look dark on your eyes. It gives your eyes a natural look with giving them a perfect shape.
The packaging is amazing; it's not a regular eyeliner packaging, it comes with a different cut on it which looks dazzling.


I really like the packaging of their lipsticks, they come in a very small size with a beautiful black cover. I went with these two light shades (OR-1 and OR-2), both shades have a light sheen finish, which is not too shiny or not too matte. It gives moisture to your lips and doesn't make it dry. I really love the shades I bought, they are perfect to compliment my face at night and also good to give it a natural look in the day time.
Would definitely recommend someone to buy Kate lipsticks. 


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