Stay Moisturized With Elixir Whitening Clear Lotion II

Elixir is a sister company of Shisheido. Shisheido is one of the most top beauty companies in Japan. They have many other sister companies, Elixir is one of them. Elixir has a really good skincare range, especially for moisturization and hydration.
They recently launched their new moisturizer range a lotion (somewhere around the end of March). This whitening clear lotion comes in three different types (light to very moisturized), lotion I, lotion II and lotion III.
This whitening clear lotion II is basically for a combination to dry skin (moist type). It suits my skin very well because I have a combination to dry skin. If I apply too much moisturizer, it makes my skin oily which causes pimples and if I don't apply enough moisturizer, my skin becomes really dry. in that case, this toner is perfect for my skin.

It contains active whitening ingredients to provide you a bright, white and soft skin. It is made with collagen so it prevents your skin with the aging spots and freckles and leaves it moisturized and hydrated. It comes with a transparent thick toner form with an aqua floral scent.

You can use it directly after your cleansing, just apply with a cotton pad on your skin and get a soft and supple skin every day.



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