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Easy Earrings I Recently Made

I have been trying different social networking sites just to get more engagement on my blog but nothing worked out for me. I realized, when you focus on so many different things at one time, not just your time but your mind also gets diverted at different places but you cannot focus on one thing.
I recently found myself focusing on one thing and stopped everything else. Now I can get a positive result, so I am so relaxed. Now I can make more time to work on my DIY and other stuff.

Sharing my love for DIY, I recently made 6 easy earrings you can also make just in a few minutes.

Hope you would like my DIY earrings.

How to Keep Your Hair Cool And Refreshing During The Summer?

Taking care of your hair in the summer is even more difficult than other seasons. The UV rays make your hair rough and dry and hot weather makes your hair sticky. We try to cover our hair from the when going out with hats and a scarf but it doesn't really work. Not even the air condition works for our hair! Lol. In this case, we need something which is specially made for our hair to keep it cool while taking care from the roots.
Demi cosmetics Japan presents their summer hair care line as Halema'o with the power of herbs and fruits. Halema'o is a line of summer limited edition made with fresh fruits and herbs. It has a really fresh fruity scent to keep your hair fresh and cool throughout the day.

Beauty care series Halema'o makes your summer life comfortable. "Halema'o" means Green House, which images summer garden full of energetic plants and fresh fruits. All of the products include the power of herbs and fruits, having fresh flavors and a variety of fun…

Do You Have Sugar in Your Body Scrub?

I have been loving a sugar scrub for a very long time now. DIY sugar scrubs are my favorite once because I believe in natural beauty. My love for the sugar scrub and natural beauty introduced me with this amazing scrub called Leaf & Botanics body scrub. It looks like my favorite DIY sugar scrub which is made with brown sugar and cinnamon, same color and texture.
What is this? This is a body scrub made with two types of sugar and red clay. The main ingredient is glycerin, which is a good source of moisturizer. Since it is made with natural ingredients, it doesn't harm your body and it feels really light to your skin.
It has a scent of lavender and lemongrass essential oil, which makes you feel very relaxed and soothing.
How to use?? Take an appropriate amount of it and apply on the wet skin. Massage gently in a circular motion and rinse with water. Use it once or twice a week.

The Benefits This scrub gently removes the dead skin from your body and give you smooth skin. The gly…