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Start Your Early Aging Care With ChariMeti

I am in my late 20s and I will soon be in my 30s. Once you turn 30, your skin really needs extra aging care and I believe, precautions are always better than prescription, so it is better to have your anti-aging care earlier. I decided to start my very first anti-aging skincare with this Korean brand called Clapiel and I received four different moisturizing products from Charimeti Japan.  Charimeti is a Japanese online store and they deal with many Japanese and Korean brands. Their Clapiel lineup is basically in aging care and it has rich collagen to protect your skin from the early aging effects.  This lineup is made of Aqua and looks like aqua color, the packaging looks very rich. It tends to return the aging skin look young and beautiful. They have fish extract and vegetable collagen, it will lead your skin firm and healthy. In addition, it has an excellent moisturizing effect to create a glossy, moist skin. Here are the products I got from this lineup and how I use them step by s…

Utsuku Silk Beauty Products: Review

Everything that looks peach is my favorite as I love the peach color very much, so this brand. I saw this brand Utsuku Silk on my Instagram and been following for a long time. I love its packaging so I thought to give it a try.
I got these beautiful set of four products (sheet mask, lip balm, face water lotion, and face milk) a week ago since I started using them, I became a fan of the products too. As you can guess by the name, it contains silk as the main ingredients, to give you a silky smooth skin.

Utsuku Silk Face Water Lotion It is a lotion that penetrates the skin and leads to fresh skin, keeps the skin moisturized and healthy during the seasonal change. It contains Hydrolyzed silk and deep Sea water. Hydrolyzed silk has high moisturizing power and it is easy to generally penetrate the skin.  Use it after cleansing your face with a cotton or directly with your palms and follow with the face milk.

Utsuku Silk Face Milk This is a latex which doesn't feel sticky of your face,…

The Organic Intimate Range by Maputi

I always love to try and share something new and different from the usual stuff and skincare. In the search of something new, I  got introduced to Maputii official, who makes something different for all women in the world.
Maputi is a brand, which makes Organic products for women, especially for their intimate area, isn't it special for you??
We, women always take good care of our face, but we forget about our intimate areas, which is very important, but now you don't have to worry about it because Maputi will take good care of you.
Introducing four different products from this newly launched brand...

Organic fragrance cushion scrub This scrub is not like a random scrub, it is like a cream cushion and feel very light on your skin. This scrub makes your skin bright after the use, without bothering your skin. You can use this scrub on your body as well as your face, as it feels very soft, good for your face too. Apply it on wet skin and massage gently, rinse with water. It has …

How to: Find Your Beauty In The Kitchen

Personally, I am someone who always believes in Natural beauty and tries to find it in my kitchen, like fruits, milk, flour, etc. I have kept applying these natural and healthy kinds of stuff on my skin since I was very young.  I believe, whatever is natural that you eat with your mouth, can be used on your skin.

This time, those healthy foods are transformed into powder and liquid forms and filled in a bottle called HADAMANMA. Hadamanma is a sister company to Tamachan shop which deals with a huge number of food and nutrition information.
Hadamanma is made with a thought that people eat healthy food, but they still have skin problems.  So they started a cosmetics brand which is made with food so people can get the nutrition of the food from their cosmetics.
I want to use the power of eating more for beauty.
                                                                                                                                 Says Hadamanma

Hadamanma is a lineup of four differ…

The Body Care Rituals-2

Continue with The Body Care Rituals-1 Organic Mist Lotion This is something we all need to carry in our bag all the time. You can use it for your whole body, anywhere, anytime. You can use it for fixing your makeup or after you sweat, washing your face or after a bath. You can use it before and after getting in touch with the sun, after swimming and for the damaged hair. Your skin becomes very damaged by UV rays, chlorine contained tap water, perspiration and so on. This lotion mist contains special ingredients that promote recovery from damage, tighten your skin, keep it clean and make your skin care easy.

Organic Marula Oil This product is my favorite product from this brand, an anti-aging serum, its one drop ads special care to your usual skincare routine. Marula oil contains 80% of oleic acid (Omega-9) which is very hard to oxidize. It also contains other ingredients Omega-6, Omega-3, Vitamin C, E and so on. So it is a versatile oil that may have various effects like Anti-aging, W…

The Body Care Rituals

Through my Instagram, you can see that I am a big skincare fan and love to share a new skincare lineup every time, but I usually forget about the whole body and don't really care about it very much.  I recently started feeling like my body needs extra care as I feel the dryness and roughness. I found Preum beauty when I was searching for good body care for me.  What is Preum?Preum Beauty is a new brand established by Ai Yoshinaga in Tokyo who is mainly in the nail care & hand care and she owned a nail salon. This brand has a really good body and skincare range for all the pretty women around the world.  Here I am sharing some of the products from this brand which I am using for myself and would like to recommend to all of you... Moisturizing Hand Soap They say, "Hands are parts that are washed more often in our body. The basis of skin care is to wash and to moisturized". This hand soap contains moisturizing ingredients that provide the smooth touch and wr…

Treneejo For Your Colored Hair

A few months ago, I got a new color and cut. The hair color suits my face very well but it made my hair really rough and dry, no matter how much conditioner I apply on my hair, they are still rough. I started using a new shampoo and conditioner by @demicosmetics and I heard about their hair color products lineup, it was something I was already looking for so I thought to give it a try, I got this hair treatment oil which I use after washing my hair with #demicosmetics shampoo and treatment.
This treatment oil is just amazing. First, love the packaging, it’s very simple and classy, looks beautiful. Second, it smells so good, it has an essential oil extract called Argania spinossa essential oil. Third, this oil doesn’t feel oily at all (I mean NOT AT ALL), when I apply this oil on my hair, it gets dry within a second like water. Fourth, it gets dry certainly but makes my hair soft and silky throughout the day. Ohh, I can not stop talking more about this treatment oil but I have too, I just wan…

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