How to: Find Your Beauty In The Kitchen

Personally, I am someone who always believes in Natural beauty and tries to find it in my kitchen, like fruits, milk, flour, etc. I have kept applying these natural and healthy kinds of stuff on my skin since I was very young.  I believe, whatever is natural that you eat with your mouth, can be used on your skin.

This time, those healthy foods are transformed into powder and liquid forms and filled in a bottle called HADAMANMA. Hadamanma is a sister company to Tamachan shop which deals with a huge number of food and nutrition information.
Hadamanma is made with a thought that people eat healthy food, but they still have skin problems.  So they started a cosmetics brand which is made with food so people can get the nutrition of the food from their cosmetics.
I want to use the power of eating more for beauty.
                                                                                                                                 Says Hadamanma

Hadamanma is a lineup of four different products including Cleansing, facial wash, lotion, and emulsion. The main benefit of this lineup is a healthy, moisturized skin.

Step-1- Konayuki Collagen Cleansing
It is a cleansing milk which is as gentle as the snowball (Konayuki). It removes your makeup from the deep inside your skin while giving all the nutrition of food. It is made with a high- quality plant-derived cleansing ingredient which removes your makeup textures without taking the moisturizer away. It has a lemon scent which keeps you feeling fresh.
Take a required amount on your palm, apply on your face, gently massage and rinse with the lukewarm water. Follow with the Konayuki Facial wash.

Step-2- Konayuki Facial wash
This face wash comes in a powder form and it is very fine and soft. It is used for a double cleanser and cleanses all the dirt from your skin without taking the moisture or bothering your skin. The main ingredient is corn starch.
After the cleansing, take an appropriate amount on the dry palm, add some water to it, make a foam and apply to your skin, wash your skin with the water.

Step-3- Fresh Vegetable Lotion
This lotion is a skin toner like super skin food. It is made with the extract of Shiitake mushroom. Shiitake mushroom has different types of skin benefits like Antioxidant, aging care, it is full of Vitamin-D, Beta-Glucan, and other moisturizing ingredients.
Use this lotion after cleansing and follow with the Rich vegetable milk emulsion.

Step-4- Luxury vegetable milk
This skin milk is full of rich ingredients like 18 types of food, including soy sauce, 3 types of nut oil, millet extract, etc. It is a luxurious concentrated beauty lotion that protects the skin with dryness and gives it plenty of nutrition every day.
After applying the above lotion, take an appropriate amount on a clean palm, and apply it on your face and neck area, press with a gentle touch and use it repeatedly on the concentrated area of dryness.

Who does not like to use cosmetics made with healthy and nutritious food?
I would love to use these products every day and keep my skin healthy.

Thank you


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