L'ORACLE Power Moisture by Maison Lexia

Introducing Maison Lexia, a new high-end brand who has become really popular only in two years. Maison Lexia started their first official shop in 2017 into skincare and cosmetics, in 2018 they started another store into fragrance and leather. They have amazing lineup in skincare and cosmetics so I thought to try my first skincare product from their lineup L'ORACLE power moisture.

L'ORACLE is made with ingredients based on various type of plants which are safely grown in their own farm in Hokkaido. This moisturizer is a high-end serum made with Calendula extract, Thymus Extract, Birch Extract Bitter orange peel extract and so on. It moisturizes your skin and makes it supple that lifts like a pin drop.

It is blended with several types of roses and high-quality essential oil. It has a soft essence scent which calms down the anxiety and the skin gently.

Texture: It has a light rose gold color and a very light viscous texture. Since the texture is light, it doesn't make your skin sticky or oily. It gets absorbed with your skin very easily while making it soft and moisturized.
I love the green packaging with white combination, it really makes the product look luxury. I use it just before the final step of my PM skincare routine and I am in love with this product 


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