Start Your Early Aging Care With ChariMeti

I am in my late 20s and I will soon be in my 30s. Once you turn 30, your skin really needs extra aging care and I believe, precautions are always better than prescription, so it is better to have your anti-aging care earlier. I decided to start my very first anti-aging skincare with this Korean brand called Clapiel and I received four different moisturizing products from Charimeti Japan. 
Charimeti is a Japanese online store and they deal with many Japanese and Korean brands. Their Clapiel lineup is basically in aging care and it has rich collagen to protect your skin from the early aging effects. 
This lineup is made of Aqua and looks like aqua color, the packaging looks very rich. It tends to return the aging skin look young and beautiful. They have fish extract and vegetable collagen, it will lead your skin firm and healthy. In addition, it has an excellent moisturizing effect to create a glossy, moist skin. Here are the products I got from this lineup and how I use them step by step...

Step-1: Collagen Aqua Toner
Increase the energy level and maintain the skin barrier.
Features: Excellent water absorption, sebum care, good for the fine lines. 
Use- After cleansing, Use this toner with cotton and follow with the essence.
Step-2: Collagen Aqua Essence
Low molecular collagen for dry skin. Firmly penetrates the skin, excellent for aging care.
Features: Moisturizing, elasticity and pore care, prevention of skin tension. 
Use- After using the toner, get the product on your palm and apply on your face, let the skin absorb the product by pressing your palms.
Step-3: Diacell Collagen Aqua cream
Good for aging, excellent moisture absorption. 
Features: 60 seconds absorption magic, amazing moisturizing charge, strengthening the elasticity of the skin.
Use- After the essence, use this product by using your palm, let the skin absorb the product by pressing your palms.
Step-4: Collagen Aqua Tone Up Cream
Amazing beautiful skin effect, glossy feeling that exudes from healthy skin. 
Features: Tone up and brightening, even the skin texture, good moisturizing charge.
Use- Use it after the Diacell collagen aqua cream, spread it all over the face and have young and healthy skin.


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