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Organic Mist Lotion

This is something we all need to carry in our bag all the time. You can use it for your whole body, anywhere, anytime. You can use it for fixing your makeup or after you sweat, washing your face or after a bath. You can use it before and after getting in touch with the sun, after swimming and for the damaged hair.
Your skin becomes very damaged by UV rays, chlorine contained tap water, perspiration and so on. This lotion mist contains special ingredients that promote recovery from damage, tighten your skin, keep it clean and make your skin care easy.

Organic Marula Oil

This product is my favorite product from this brand, an anti-aging serum, its one drop ads special care to your usual skincare routine. Marula oil contains 80% of oleic acid (Omega-9) which is very hard to oxidize. It also contains other ingredients Omega-6, Omega-3, Vitamin C, E and so on. So it is a versatile oil that may have various effects like Anti-aging, Whitening, Moisturizing and for rough itchy skin. 
Recommended Uses:
You can use it as your serum after cleansing to boost penetration.
You can use this oil as special care for your skin.
You can also use it for your hand and hair for moisturizing.
There are so many different uses of this oil, and it is amazing.

This is my personal recommendation as I use all of these products myself and would love to give to my family and friends.
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