The Body Care Rituals

Through my Instagram, you can see that I am a big skincare fan and love to share a new skincare lineup every time, but I usually forget about the whole body and don't really care about it very much. 
I recently started feeling like my body needs extra care as I feel the dryness and roughness. I found Preum beauty when I was searching for good body care for me. 

What is Preum?

Preum Beauty is a new brand established by Ai Yoshinaga in Tokyo who is mainly in the nail care & hand care and she owned a nail salon. This brand has a really good body and skincare range for all the pretty women around the world. 
Here I am sharing some of the products from this brand which I am using for myself and would like to recommend to all of you...

Moisturizing Hand Soap

They say, "Hands are parts that are washed more often in our body. The basis of skin care is to wash and to moisturized".
This hand soap contains moisturizing ingredients that provide the smooth touch and wrap your hand gently with the foam at the very moment when you put it in your hands.
It has a gently pearly appearance and a refreshing citrus scent that gives your hands a gorgeous look and smell with every wash.

Nail & Hand Treatment

As I mentioned above, the owner of this brand is mainly in nail and hand care, she made this cream, especially for age-appropriate hands and nails to make them beautiful. This cream moisturizes and makes the skin resilient and gives it shine with continuous use. It feels like silk on your skin and spreads so smoothly. It benefits you in Anti-aging, moisturizing, nail repairing and whitening. Use it every time after washing your hands with Preum hand soap.

Organic Balm

This multi-purpose organic balm can be used for your whole body, including your hair, heels & elbows, lips, and your finger & cuticles. This balm has made with Shea butter, Marula oil, Moringa oil, and Argan oil. It moisturizes, prevents and protects rough skin and itching, whitens, and protects against UV damage. It has an orange scent, which makes you feel refreshed when you're out while taking care of your whole body.

To be continued..............

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