The Organic Intimate Range by Maputi

I always love to try and share something new and different from the usual stuff and skincare. In the search of something new, I  got introduced to Maputii official, who makes something different for all women in the world.
Maputi is a brand, which makes Organic products for women, especially for their intimate area, isn't it special for you??
We, women always take good care of our face, but we forget about our intimate areas, which is very important, but now you don't have to worry about it because Maputi will take good care of you.
Introducing four different products from this newly launched brand...

Organic fragrance cushion scrub

This scrub is not like a random scrub, it is like a cream cushion and feel very light on your skin. This scrub makes your skin bright after the use, without bothering your skin. You can use this scrub on your body as well as your face, as it feels very soft, good for your face too. Apply it on wet skin and massage gently, rinse with water. It has a nice fruity scent, which stays for the whole day so you don't really need any other fragrance. 

Organic fragrance intimate soap

This product is really good for all the women in the world. During the summer or menstruation, when your intimate areas feel wet, it causes some bacteria. This soap cleans all the bad bacterias from your body and keeps it clean and healthy.  Safely and organically made with  13 different types of Amino acids and 19 other natural ingredients. 

Organic fragrance cream

Every single time you wash your body, each and every part of your body needs special care. This cream is made for your intimate areas to use after the wash, it keeps your body part soft and healthy with a nice organic scent. Use an appropriate amount of it after washing your body with the Organic Fragrance intimate soap. 

Organic fragrance bust cream

As you can guess by its name, this cream is specially made for your busts to lift them up and increase the volume. It has an ingredient called Hanasane root extract which helps to increase the fat volume. This cream comes with a special spatula on the top of it so you can use it directly without using your palms (your palms may get fat too).
I hope this brand will be a good option for all the beautiful ladies to keep you healthy and young.

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