Treneejo For Your Colored Hair

A few months ago, I got a new color and cut. The hair color suits my face very well but it made my hair really rough and dry, no matter how much conditioner I apply on my hair, they are still rough.
I started using a new shampoo and conditioner by @demicosmetics and I heard about their hair color products lineup, it was something I was already looking for so I thought to give it a try, I got this hair treatment oil which I use after washing my hair with #demicosmetics shampoo and treatment.

This treatment oil is just amazing.
First, love the packaging, it’s very simple and classy, looks beautiful.
Second, it smells so good, it has an essential oil extract called Argania spinossa essential oil.
Third, this oil doesn’t feel oily at all (I mean NOT AT ALL), when I apply this oil on my hair, it gets dry within a second like water.
Fourth, it gets dry certainly but makes my hair soft and silky throughout the day.
Ohh, I can not stop talking more about this treatment oil but I have too, I just want to say, this oil is amazing for rough and dry hair and highly recommend to those who are reading here.


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