Utsuku Silk Beauty Products: Review

Everything that looks peach is my favorite as I love the peach color very much, so this brand. I saw this brand Utsuku Silk on my Instagram and been following for a long time. I love its packaging so I thought to give it a try.
I got these beautiful set of four products (sheet mask, lip balm, face water lotion, and face milk) a week ago since I started using them, I became a fan of the products too. As you can guess by the name, it contains silk as the main ingredients, to give you a silky smooth skin.

Utsuku Silk Face Water Lotion

It is a lotion that penetrates the skin and leads to fresh skin, keeps the skin moisturized and healthy during the seasonal change. It contains Hydrolyzed silk and deep Sea water. Hydrolyzed silk has high moisturizing power and it is easy to generally penetrate the skin. 
Use it after cleansing your face with a cotton or directly with your palms and follow with the face milk.

Utsuku Silk Face Milk

This is a latex which doesn't feel sticky of your face, it gets dry easily like a watery essence. This product also contains the hydrolyzed silk and Sea water and it keeps the skin moisturized. It also contains Oleic acid, which has a large amount of  " Hatomoginuka oil and it helps to balance the sebum. 
Use it just after the face water lotion with using your palms.

Sheet mask

This sheet mask is made of Hydrolyzed silk and Sea water. It contains 25ml beauty essence in one pack, it also contains the Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin-C to protect your skin from the dryness.
I used it only once and definitely going to buy a set of five sheets.

Utsuku silk lip balm

It says it is the first step of making your lips firmly. A lip balm that looks as your raw lips are plump, you can also use it before putting on your lipstick. This product is formulated with hydrolyzed silk and Hatomoginuka oil from Toyama prefecture. These ingredients keep your lips smooth and moist while keeping them clean and gentle.

These products are cute and also not very expensive, so anyone can afford. It is a perfect gift for your friends who love pink and beauty.


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