A Complete Luxury Moisturizing Range by Karuizawa Organic Lab

Last week I shared a picture on my Instagram with my first impression of these beautiful and luxury beauty products by Karuizawa. My first impression of this brand was, it looks really beautiful and since it is an expensive brand too,  it really looks luxurious. The combination of white and silver with a crystal finish looks very classy. I didn't try these products that day so no I am going to share my experience.
Karuizawa is a Japanese beauty brand and they make their products organically. They launched a very good lineup in moisturizer. I got the full range of their moisturizing lineup and I just love them.
Since they're made organically, smell like an incense stick and reminds me of my home. All products have the same scent and I love this scent, it's too good. This lineup is specially made for the dry skin, lack of elasticity and collagen.
This complete pack improves the function of collagen and elastin in a healthy manner, maintains the skin firmness and suppressed the pigmentation effect of melanin spots. It returns the healthy skin only in 28 days.
Ingredients: Human cell extract, blueberry, Shea butter, Vitamin-A, C, E, Rosemary leaf extract, etc.

How to use:

Step-1: Lotion
After cleansing your face, apply this lotion with the help of cotton, you can also use with your palm but cotton will be the first preference. Follow with step-2

Step-2: White Milk
This is basically a latex emulsion, use it after the lotion with the help of your palm, take an appropriate amount and apply on your skin. Follow with step-3.

Step-3: Advanced Serum
Just a few drops are enough for your skin. Take the serum on your palms and apply on your skin by pressing your palm gently. Follow with step-4.

Step-4: Rich Cream
Last, apply the rich cream like your regular cream and leave it to get moisturized and healthy.

The products are currently on 20% sale online, good opportunity to grab them.
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