A Luxury Skincare Range by Energy Rose

Hey, do you love roses?
I do and they are my most favorite flowers. I love everything about the rose, the fragrance, the beautiful colors, and softness, even for my skin, I love to use rose water. In my search for products which are made with the rose, I found this beautiful brand called Energy Rose. Energy rose is a new luxury beauty brand in Japan and leads in two beauty ranges, Energy rose and energy rose brilliant. Since Energy Rose is a high-quality rich brand, it is not affordable for everyone so they made energy rose brilliant with similar ingredients so that people can get the same benefit at a less price. Here I am sharing the entire lineup with step by step uses and benefits.

Step-1: Energy Rore Brilliant Rejuvenation Oil
First of all, I love the packaging, it's very cute and also looks expensive. It is tiny and comfortable to bring anywhere. The texture is lighter than the other facial oil. It really smells like a rose, fresh and soothing. Generally, the facial oil is used after the lotion, but Energy Rose Brilliant can be used immediately after washing your face because it penetrates your skin very deeply and holds the moisture for the next lotion.
How to use:
Immediately after washing your face, take an appropriate amount of it on your palm, spread it and apply to your face by pushing gently and feel the scent of rose.

Step-2: Energy Rore Brilliant Skin Lotion
It is made with finest Bulgarian rose water, gives the firmness and transparency that tighten around the rich moisture. When you use it after the rejuvenation oil, it helps your skin to absorb the oil deeply and gives you a skin filled with moisture. It contains Hyaluronic acid, which is the most popular ingredient for moisture.
How to Use:
After applying rejuvenation oil, take an appropriate amount and gently apply to your face and neck area. Enjoy the rich aroma of fresh roses while you're making your skin healthy and moisturized.

Step-3: Energy Rose Brilliant Revitalizing Cream
gel cream that is blended with rarest organic damask rose water and rose oil. It contains a variety of ingredients essential for aging care, for example, damask rose water and oil, olive fruit extract, water-soluble collagen, water-soluble elastin, ceramide, etc. It penetrates deep into the skin without any stickiness, gives you a bright, clear, transparent and glossy skin.
How to Use:
After applying the revitalizing lotion, take a required amount with your fingertip and apply on your face and the area you care about.

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