An Eatable Cosmetic Range by Revanche

Hello there!!

Do you eat your cosmetics??
Confused right??
Don't get confused because I am going to tell you about a brand that makes edible cosmetics. Yes, now you can eat your lipsticks and it doesn't harm you.
Introducing Revanche which makes natural cosmetics that are eatable. Its lip balms are made with 100% eatable ingredients.
The cosmetics we use on an everyday basis, have some ingredients which enter our body through the mouth and harm it, so we thought to make a cosmetic that is eatable and doesn't harm anyway.
                                                                                                                                         Says Revanche

Their lip products come with three types Fruit and vegetable rouge, vegetable lip and vegetable color lip. I picked up fruit and vegetable rouge Berry Red shade out of four different shades. I love the color and also the glossy finish. It is a reasonable lip product, but its packaging looks very rich.
It is safe because made of only ingredients which are approved to use in food, "Even children can also use it as a gentle lip balm." Isn't it great?

My other pickup from this brand is this Makeup cleansing, which is also made with 100% eatable ingredients such as olive oil, rice bran oil, orange oil, macadamia oil, etc. You can also use it as a massage oil, just take an appropriate amount and massage on dry skin (without makeup) or use it as your makeup cleanser.

Last but not the least, I picked up skin lotion, just like the other products, this is also made of 100% eatable ingredients and the main ingredients are mandarin orange peel extract, rice bran, sodium hyaluronate, water, seawater, etc.
All the beauty ingredients are used for moisturizing without stickiness. You can use it in many layers on your skin with the help of your palms or cotton.

This is a must recommended brand for everyone, but these are my own opinion, you can choose as per your preference.



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