Pearl Moist Cleansing Gel by Pearldays

The month started with a perfect summer gift by Pearldays. Pearldays sent me their cleansing gel to try and give feedback. Since the summer in Japan has become very hot, this is the best gift. It contains water and it also has a greeny fresh scent so it makes you feel fresh after a hot day. It is moist type and removes all your makeup and pores while keeping your skin moist.
Recommended for those.....
If you are concerned about the dryness after make-off
If you want a refreshing makeup removal
If you want to keep the clear pores but not too much sebum.

How to use?
Take an appropriate amount on your palm, apply on the skin and massage in a circular motion.
Wash your face with the lukewarm water so it can remove all the dirt from your skin.

Monipla Thank You


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